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Uptown Drifters Classic Swing


The Uptown Drifters emerged on the North Texas music scene in 2012.  Drawing on a common love of country, jazz and swing music, these musicians have excited crowds with their “feel good” music that takes its listeners on a fun journey through multiple genres and eras of Americana music, all played with a strong Texas influence.  Since the band’s inception, they have strived to preserve Western Swing and Americana classics.  Using a strong anchoring rhythm, they have also provided a platform for numerous award-winning musicians to showcase their instrumental skills.  This versatile group performs shows utilizing various groupings anywhere from a trio up to a full seven-piece band.  They, along with their most recent album “Recollections In Swing”, were both nominated by the Association of Western Artists for Western Swing Group of the Year and Album of the Year.

“In his day, Bob Wills was known as an "innovator", one who pushed the limits, thought outside the box, brought in new elements to the music. Today, the Uptown Drifters are following in those footsteps to bring Western Swing to today's standards, to bring in new audiences.  If you like Western Swing and want to see and hear what Bob would be doing if he were alive today, get a CD or catch a live show.”


Bobby Newton 

Director of the Academy of Western Artists

Uptown Drifters Quartet-Bass


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